A note from RT….

At Great Balls of Yarn our goal is to bring you, the knitting aficionado, the best there is out there in the marketplace. Well, sometimes we have our own idea of what’s the best and now we’ve sourced it exclusively for Great Balls of Yarn customers only. We’re pleased to present a new and evolving line called Robin Turner Gourmet Fibers in natural colors and textures. We weren’t sure what to expect since this was a new venture for us, but wow! It’s been a hit so far! So thank you to all who have enjoyed working with our new products!

The first yarn we launched was an alpaca sourced from South America which we called Peruvian Tweed. When we stocked the stores with it, the RT Peruvian Tweed sold out in 2 days! This amazingly soft DK weight high-altitude alpaca comes in a rich palette of natural colorways and works up on a size 5 needle carried singly or a 9 when doubled. It’s especially handsome for a man’s sweater—at least that was my first thought when we found it. For 600 yards at a cost of $34.99 you can knit a luxurious sweater for less than $70, making it a marvelous value.

We’re also pleased to debut RT Beach Cotton, a super soft spun worsted cotton in ecru, sage, and tan twists. Again, with tremendous yardage, this gourmet selection has already been flying off the shelves. It’s sure to become a staple yarn for South Florida knitters. 325 yards retail for $29.99. You can use virtually any worsted pattern with it and you will see some of ours coming out very soon.

The RT Bimini Twist has the look and weight of Ironstone’s Island Cotton, a favorite among our knitters but oh, our Bimini Twist is so much softer! With a lovely rayon added to the robust cotton, the Bimini Twist emits a soft sheen, giving your garment a polished, less casual look. This yarn knits up on a size 11 to 13 needle--150 yards for $19.99. Because it gauges up quickly, 4 skeins make up into a nice shrug.

However, the most exciting of the Robin Turner Gourmet Fibers collection is the Newport Cotton. This super mercerized, tightly spun Egyptian cotton knits up like a silky dream. While we only offer this yarn in a satin ecru, we are developing a portfolio of hand-dyed colors which we will roll out early this spring. This far and away is the best so far—and also a splendid value—415 yards for $29.99. This yarn has the versatility of a casual weekend look or it will pair beautifully with your favorite Jimmy Choos.

I want you all to know how much I love working in the stores and seeing all your dazzling creations! There’s not one day when I’m in a store that I’m not inspired by a customer’s own design, knitting expertise, color sense or creativity. It’s a fun job and I thank you for supporting our stores. It’s my hope we give you the best service, products, ideas, instruction and friendly assistance every time you walk in and say hello.